Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wild Birds Y'all

I like to watch birds. And fish in an aquarium. In fact, I could do it for hours. There, I said it. In fact, if there were ants on the other side of something glass, I'd probably watch them too.

Which is why I finally took down my hummingbird feeders at the office yesterday (I had a few stragglers after migration but the feeders had been empty awhile and they'd hum in, look at me after attempting to feed, and say, "Thanks a lot, asshole!") and paid my friends at the local Wild Birds Unlimited a visit. $32 later I have a squirrel-proof seed feeder hanging from my office window dogwood tree.

The viewing reward on a seed feeder is pretty instant. Within an hour I had all sorts of little finches and sparrows getting their fight on over the black oil sunflower seed mix. This of course provided my ADD a major outlet, so I engaged it and just watched them for 5 minutes. Activity behind a glass. Lovez it.

If anyone reading this happened to be looking for an appropriate gift for a certain writer and couldn't find a.) a quaint Middleburg farm or b.) laser liposuction in a discrete South American location or c.) a year of training at Stott Pilates mothership in Toronto, I did hear he might enjoy an Audubon birding guide. Even a used one.

So the bird I am featuring here is a cedar waxwing. I remember once, as a kid, we had a flock migrate through and attack our pear tree. My father was all aflutter getting his encyclopedia out because he'd never seen such beautiful birds. And then we probably returned to a random dirt road project like changing a tire or oil or something. Ahh, my life.


Jane said...

Anytime Patrick leaves town, he gives me specific instructions on feeding his birds. Never let the feeder run dry. Never. Ass will be kicked.

texang73 said...

Nice to know another horseperson and a birder! Enjoy the blog, BTW

(texang73 from CoTH BB)