Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My Little Pony Update(s)

So it's been a rather crazy 4 days for me. The horses have been on suicide strike.

Fortunately the news seems to be promising as they get into outpatient rehab/support groups for their pent-up internal issues.

Rhodes had colic surgery not once but twice last week at LSU. I don't even own him anymore but still feel like he's mine. His owner has taken great care of him and he was actually in the hospital for four days before they did the first surgery, which repaired a hole in the supporting membrane anatomy around the intestine. He recovered and was doing great but had to be taken back in on Saturday as he had developed an impaction in his cecum. So far, so good is the status from Baton Rouge. Keep your fingers crossed.

Then Friday, Ouisie and her herdmate Ellie put on their Girls Gone Wild show for the foxhunters when they arrived at the farm in Faunsdale for opening hunt weekend. After their show Ouisie stood in the same place for about 15 minutes so the farm owner went to check on her and she was 3-legged lame, non-weight bearing with a goose-egg on the inside of her hock.

We started her on Bute and I went down Saturday morning to check and she seemed OK. Sore, for sure, but I wasn't concerned that she'd be in trouble UNTIL Sunday when it was much worse despite meds and some hosing. I was very concerned that there was a fracture and while she lives in horsey heaven, the big drawback is lack of modern veterinary resources. Fortunately I have been blessed with great friends and while I began yesterday morning preparing for a worst case scenario, the day ended on a positive note when x-rays revealed no fracture and an inflammation of the hock joint.

CAGP, my friend, is taking care of her at her farm in Montgomery, and I think I'll commemorate her kindness by, I don't know, casting a bronze statue or something to be prominently displayed at the entryway to the Alabama Cattleman's Stockyard or something. Or maybe I'll buy her her own Fisher Price My First X-Ray Machine so she can have it on hand when the cow vet shows up in cucaracha spurs to diagnose a snake bite.

Either way, I'm getting off the horse drama bandwagon.

I think Wiffle and I are about to embark on our new lives as foxhunters and I'm really excited about it! Stay tuned!

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