Thursday, November 27, 2008

Heartfelt Thanks ...

Obviously even on our roughest day in America we still have much for which we should be grateful. The more I recognize this, the more humble I become. When I'm bitching about hating my clothes, for example, a little voice goes off in my head that reminds me of one the Gee's Bend quilts that a woman made using her dead husband's wardrobe. All of the clothing he owned made one thin quilt.

Or the news, for example. Everyone is so freaked out over this economic crisis, and I do understand there are many reasons why, but I'm reminded that as Americans what we stand to lose is still greater than what many have never had. Even me and my piddly little 401(k) - the loss there is more than a villager in Africa might make in a year. Life on our globe is not life in America. Everything we have is not a divine right, nor should it be an assumption.

Which is why I was completely touched this week when, randomly, I received a gift certificate to Prana from someone who reads my blog. It was so unexpected and yet so heartfelt that I just had to sit and reflect (before immediately using it online!) on how the act of generosity changed me, and made realize how petty my needs sometimes can be. But also how kind people can be. I will pay it forward, and I'm grateful for that reminder this week.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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