Thursday, November 20, 2008

Everybody, Y'all: Madonna

At any moment I fully expect to see a cut-in to Denise Huxtable on the dancefloor with her friends - more than likely wearing a big cross and clearly a bowler because that's what you do in 1983 - followed by Claire and Cliff busting into the Danceteria to find her because she lied about spending the night with friends, then lecturing her sternly before, finally, they go home for ice cream. Vanessa is pissed, of course, when they return because she totally wants to be Denise, and Rudy is just happy for the ice cream.

Videos have come a long way, haven't they? I mean, it's stuff like this that should keep a bitch humble. Know what I'm sayin'? "Girl I know you all about yo' red string and shizz but I remember when you did that same shuffle-ball-change-twirl step with your little 'Everybody' song in that damn outfit from Esprit, so don't act like you was born trying to save Africa."

Also, speaking directly to my partner-in-crime Jon ... if you think we are not rehearsing that move at about 3:16 for our next foray into trouble, you're wrong. We need a third person to complete the concept, though.

OK, in all seriousness, I love me some "Everybody." It has had staying power, you know? I mean, it's 25 years old and you still hear that little "Dance and sing get up and do your thing," sample mixed in from time to time and you know what? Most er'body get up and dance when they hear it.


Jonathan said...

Just wait till you see the routine to "Vogue." it's awesome.

Michael said...

Okay, I'd be so up for that.

Even my two left feet could make those moves!

Lordy, I forgot all about the "early years."

So, where are you, JonJon and I going to pull this off?


Joey G said...

Bubblegummer! 1983, I was at Numbers in Houston smoking cloves and workin the Willi Wear. And dancing to this...William Orbit before Mads found him.

Am I fabulous yet?

Robby Johnson said...

Harmonica! I'm thinking Pensacola.