Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I think it's really normal to be fearful when change is introduced. It's what we do, after all. But one of my favorite little sayings is "The only thing constant is change," so I feel we must make decisions and model behaviors that allow for smooth adaptation.

Clearly I'm very excited about the next four years, and my hope is for a redirection of our country from hate-harboring and calculated discrimination to progressive, authentic practices which earn America a spot at the global table not because of the power we possess, but because of the responsible way in which we harness and share it.

Each day we awaken in this country we should remember that even in our most fearful of times we've never seen the likes of genocide in Sudan or the Congo, or the atrocities that occur daily in countries like North Korea. We are blessed to exercise the right to vote and, regardless of political candidate preferences, we owe it to ourselves as a country to work collectively to make our world better.

Remember, sitting by idly and waiting for someone else to make the decisions and do the work isn't going to move the needle. Capture your passion and direct it in such a way that it can make a change at any level. These efforts add strength and definition to our person, and energy to the Light.

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