Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend at Roland's

I was really fortunate on the weekend to've headed down to the country. The weather (and I don't mean that in a "How's the weather?" way) was spectacular and made me happy to be alive. I stopped in Faunsdale with two tubes of dewormer for the girls. They were fresh and sassy and gave us a little gallop demonstration before trotting up to the gator for carrots and pets.

I gave Ouisie her dose first, then as I stood there scratching her withers, got the big idea that it would be fun to sit on her bareback. Susan was putting the finishing touches on catching Ellie, and didn't discourage me from it, so I hopped up on her from the ground and she stood like a rock. I found this really admirable since I'm pretty sure Ouisie hasn't been ridden in at least 3 years! Susan had never sat on her mare bareback so within a minute we were both hacking in just halters over the huge hayfield, with a shockingly blue sky overhead. Life doesn't get much better.

There was a questionable moment when Maddie tried to flush something cheeping from the brush. I am pretty sure it was baby quail though thank God the mother wasn't there. That's always alarming when you're astride, even on your properly tacked and conditioned campaigner.

We pressed on from Faunsdale to Camden where I met my parents, who have their camper trailer at Roland Cooper State Park through the end of the month. Interestingly enough, that's MSJ and her family in the photograph probably 4 years back, holla! I love getting to visit my parents and family, even if all we do is sit in chairs around a fire, contemplating what we're going to eat next.

My mother and I took Maddie for a walk around the park yesterday morning and here are some images I took. So relaxing and exactly what the doctor ordered. Here's to a good week!

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