Friday, October 17, 2008

Vanity Y'all

All I really want is for my mother f*cking domain name - - which, can I just say I've owned for 6 years and never done anything with - to point to this blog. That's it. Not complicated limb reattachment surgery. Not Paul McCartney's divorce. Not peace in Sudan. Just point the DNS from one place to the next and get on with my bidness.

I took a big step earlier this week when I actually setup a blog for one of my boss' daughter at Wordpress. And it was easy. Oh so easy. Like mother f*cking Sunday morning easy. So that inspired and encouraged me to break out of the fear mold with Why? I don't know. Oprah aspirations maybe? Who can say?

(An aside: When I'm done with something or someone, I cannot apologize for the mother f*cking f-bombs I spew AK-47 style. Sorry if it offends.)

I've done support with Network Solutions. I found this resource which seems oh-so-helpful. But in typical Robby style I needed multiple options, so while I was on the phone with Bopsie in India (Bopsie? Really? Where do they get these names? Sometimes when I call customer service and it defaults to foreign country call centers I laugh at the name selections. "Hi, I'm Sparkles!") who was making my changes, I was making my changes, and now Blogger is like, "Girl someone else already blogging at this domain."

And I'm like, "Yeah, I know jackass, it's me." So anywho, I just took the whole thing down and will try again over the weekend. There's apparently a propagation period of 24-36 hours so maybe by Monday we'll be able to come directly to my blog via my personal domain name. An aside - do I need to be hosting this anywhere? Because Network Solutions wouldn't let me define a CNAME without transfering the hosting. Crazy.

This is important because Step 3 is the rollout of something really REALLY awesome that is a collaborative effort between me and some really neat people. I really am inspired and want it to go sooner rather than later.


Robby Johnson said...

Shut up! Why-Oh-Why strikes again! Loves it and thanks for the help. Bigfoot blog live now on him on vanity domain name. Reign of terror now begin. Viva La Emancipacion!

Jane said...

So glad you'll handle the technical stuff and not me.

I'm off to Blowing Rock this weekend with my preacher and my momma riding up with me. Tales will be told.

Shashi Bellamkonda said...

Hi Robby,

I work for Network Solutions and would be happy to help. I checked and it now points to this blog so the propagation may be complete. If you need any help send us an email at smedia [at] networksolutions [.] com

Thanks for being a customer,

Shashi Bellamkonda at Network Solutions