Friday, October 03, 2008

Things You Have For Dinner WhenYou're Single

Judge me not, for I am human.

Sometimes I feel like a Labrador retriever bitch who's just whelped 14 puppies and, oh yeah, let me also adopt 3 orphaned cheetahs to nurse too.

After navigating Thursday, and by navigating what I mean is "Girl I cut him," I taught my two pilates classes (both Reformer and, can I just say, I thought I was particularly on last night? We got through nearly the entire repertoire and did elephant AND stomach massage in both classes and I don't always teach those even though they're both fabulous exercises) then came home eager to watch the debate.

Because I'm masochistic like that. I live for moments where I can shriek at the television and reflect on the horrors of our modern culture, where double-speak and average is lauded. And let me just say that goes for both parties. Girl I cut them.

And for that reason I sliced 4 pieces of Havarti, then followed it up with 2 bowls of yellow cake batter. That was not a good anorexia meal, but it was REALLY good.

Today? I think I'll just eat broccoli.

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Such said...

Dear Suzy,

You are such a loser you aren't even the biggest loser.