Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Something Everyone Should Have

In a divorce, or a terrorist attack (there's not much difference, is there?), one should always grab their good kitchen tools before rapidly fleeing.

For me, that includes my really awesome kitchen knives - serving double duty for my ginsu ninja skillz ... watch me filet your heart out then thinly slice a vidalia onion - and my German garlic press.

$42 is a spend-up when it comes to a garlic press but the lady in Las Vegas who sold this to me at Sur La Table (where I really want to work because I love it so much) wasn't kidding. She was Italian and said her sons had seriously asked her to will her press to them.

What's so awesome is that you put the entire pod of garlic in the press, unpeeled, and press through, then flip the chamber up and dump the husk. It's amazing, even if you press garlic just once a year.

I always sautee garlic and onion before I make a pot of beans, which I'm doing today. Black beans served with whole grain, gluten-free, brown rice. And just to get a little crazy, we'll have steamed broccoli on the side. And by we I mean me. Even Maddie is like, "Girl I think you need to diversify!"

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