Tuesday, October 07, 2008


So yesterday I took my car to the repair shop. Not surprisingly the process was full of screw-ups pretty much from the outset:

Can't find my file? Check.
No rental car RSVP? Check.
Insurance agency (not mine) and attorney for accused failing to connect and thusly holding me, the "victim," hostage without a rental car while they finalize their negotiations? Check.

I knew when this whole fiasco started that I would have to take responsibility for ensuring all the responsible parties honored their commitments. I'm glad I had that foresight. Because had I not hammered and pushed yesterday, I'd have been walking home.

Insurance is a racket.
Parents who think they can just write a check are contributing to the general irresponsibility of young people.
People as a general rule don't "hear" you unless you speak really directly.

So, as a sweeping statement, thanks Douchebag FuckNugget for hitting my car and trying to flee. I'm glad your ass got caught and guess what, I'll see you in court on October 28. I don't care if your mama and daddy are fixing it with their money. I want you to stand up and apologize and take responsibility for your actions. Man-up!


Jonathan said...

Thats right! I think Terri said it best "''I don't have no babies, I don't need nobody sucking on my titties,''

Rachel Mularz said...

Couldn't have said it better myself.