Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mary J. Blige

Yesterday morning I seriously had to force myself out of bed at 7:00 a.m., which is very unlike me as I'm normally making an effort to get moving by 5. I went to bed at 10 on Sunday night so am not really sure what the dilly-yo was but all I can say is that it felt Just Fine Fine Fine Fine Fine Fine OOOH!

Which is probably why, last night, I dreamt that Mary J. Blige and I were walking in some sort of walk-a-thon by the Little Rock Zoo, and she was wearing a pink dress, and we both had to yell at a little kid who was littering. Because that's what I do when I dream - I connect with R&B divas. I also wonder if this some foreshadowing for Korto on this week's season finale of Project Runway? It must. That's the only logical explanation.

"Use your paranormal powers for good, Robby! Who cares about cracking the Powerball matrix via the subconcious? What really matters is that you embody and translate the post-modern oppression and artistic expression of your black sisters."

I have been working more on my book and I'm past a hurdle. Not exactly flowing like a burst dam, but definitely more than a stream struggling to trickle in a drought. It can be difficult to describe it as a storyline because it's still very close to me. It's easier to communicate the visual elements and inspiration I see in my head when I think of the story. There's a lot of palmetto scrub, tar papered exteriors, stark faces, and dust in the background. The present setting is 24-hours post-Katrina in New Orleans.

Maybe when the entire story comes together my ability/need to plug into "the soul" will make more sense.

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