Thursday, October 16, 2008

Guess Who's Back?

First off: KORTO WAS ROBBED! There, I said it.

I got my little Banzai back on Tuesday and that means life is good. He cannot be waxed for 60 days but he can be washed as much as needed. Interesting to me was the fact that "Needs 2 new doors" really meant "2 door panels," so they actually didn't replace the entire door, just that black part. Make sense? Everything works and all is good.

Last night I taught a new group on the mat (love it!) and I have some really fabulous new clients. One of them was doubtful of her abilities (she was great!) but did say at the end that while she felt like she wasn't doing it correctly, she was "vibrating" inside her abdomen. I'm not sure I've ever made anyone vibrate but honestly I took this as a huge compliment. "Obliques" will do it to you everytime.

Normally I don't add those until the second session but I've learned to give a first-timer something to remember. People are masochistic as a general rule, and they like their exercise to bitchslap them the next day. The more evolved I've become throughout this method the more I eschew that mentality - and I do reference it in training - but I also know I like the way my body feels after it's been thoroughly engaged for an hour.

Which is why I cannot wait to learn to teach on the Cadillac. My buddy Justin has agreed to be my Cadillac test-dummy and my goal is to make him look like Sharon Stone.

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