Thursday, October 23, 2008

Big Pictures

Yesterday morning I slept until 7 because the power had gone off and of course I didn't know. EEK! I had to rush around, miss coffee (a REALLY big deal for me), and didn't make my bed. I abhor this sort of thing but damn it felt good to sleep.

And I think that's why I was able to deliver on a few critical things yesterday at work: maximizing priorities and making informed decisions, regardless of perceived reactions, continues to be my focus.

As a strategist, I struggle sometimes with tactical execution. My strength is seeing a big picture and understanding what needs to happen, then identifying and delegating to the appropriate resources. Fortunately I have significant competencies in my network and together we make great things happen, so Hilary was right - it really does take a village.

That's not to say I don't have some tactical skill. I do, in fact, have a little bit of experience in many things. But as the orchestra conductor or 6-team carriage driver, I must pick and choose carefully when to practice because if I'm gone too long the music gets off tune and the horses start running blindly.

With that said, I love me some fonts.

For some crazy reason, I can see a picture in my head and know exactly how I want it to appear in a final stage, but having lacked technical skill in design/desktop publishing, felt a bit trapped by not being able to create it. As an artist it's a little bit easier, right? Just brush, paint, and canvas, and you're on your way. Mouse clicks meeting a lexicon of design language that one might sort of comprehend but not maintain fluency is daunting.

But when I get all of the elements together - the tools, the bones, the structure - I am able to move from that static state to more of a vertical path. It's like getting on a ladder at the bottom rung and climbing toward the top. Each step gets you closer. And suddenly the story you've captured goes from standard black and white word processing to formatted and embodied with a look and feel that supports the message and creates an identity.

It may sound simple, but to me it's always been complex. Developing a more practiced approach has been empowering but with that said, I'm not looking to become a typesetter by any means!


Holly said...

I love fonts, too! two of my favorite sites are and We use a lot of those in our graphic design and marketing pieces here at work. My personal favorite right now is "Inked God" on You can sample your text really easily on that site, and sometimes I like to just go and type in my name and see it in all the variations. I'm such a geek. But, some of them just make me smile or laugh out loud (it's all about the VISUAL of the text, not always what the text is saying). I'm all about the little pleasures that get me through the day. :)

Holly said...

oooh, "Bleeding Cowboys" is another good one, too!