Monday, October 27, 2008

Absolutely ...

Asking me to determine my favorite Absolutely Fabulous episode is like asking me to name my favorite Madonna song. And if you think that wasn't 2008's most honest stereotypical confession, you're wrong. But in these times of struggle, one must retain perspective where creative and artistic influence are concerned. There's an episode of AbFab wherein Edina and Saffy are awakened in the middle of the night with their house on fire. It's very panicky and Edina insists on changing amidst the mayhem and as she's flicking through her closet says, disgustedly, "God I hate all of my clothes."

I do this from time to time as well. It's like one day I just look in the closet and think, "I have to adapt!" Granted, I have limited dolores these days for a serious wardrobe update because, like most intelligent people facing economic recession I've put my thousands of saved retirement dollars in a Swiss Bank Account opted to educate myself as a pilates instructor. And you know, this isn't such a bad gig because what do you wear to work everyday? Workout clothing! Hoorah!

But because my full-time job helps me pay my bills, helps me pay my telephone bill, helps me pay my automobile, because it does so baby we can chill - OK, sorry, I listened to my Destiny's Child #1's CD yesterday somewhere between Tupelo and West Point, Mississippi, and stop judging because it was awesome - I need some enhanced work apparel.

Who's up for a sniff around The Summit?

On another note ... the Cadillac RULES in all things pilates and I've decided to marry the one at our studio. I've lived just long enough to realize you don't need a million dollars, you don't need some scrub (male or female) sweating you, trying to suck the life out ... you just need pilates. End of story.

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