Monday, September 08, 2008


I can't stand it when artists put their shizz up on the internetz and then don't want people to share it. Why? Why even put it out there if you're going to be all possessive? Today is a day of information sharing, people. Hoarding your goods will get you nowhere, Kelly Rowland. You have to work hard to get out of Beyonce's shadow, and now Solange is beating up on your back door too. If I were your publicist, I'd be releasing some of that embedding code, stat! (Just sayin'.)

So this was a weekend of global underachievement. I got two shots on Friday afternoon for my lingering sinus infection. Saturday morning I had a massage, returned home and fell asleep on the sofa until noon, then somehow managed to go to the grocery store and clean my bathroom. Big accomplishments!

Yesterday morning I trekked over to Wilsonville to collect Ouisie and put her at a farm here in Ttown as we countdown to her moving permanently to a farm in Hale County. She's looking pretty good - though she's rocking a tight dreadlock in her mane and some great red mud on her gray coat. I'll have to go scrub her down this week and get her presentable! Because there have been some questions as to her reproductive health, I'd like to take her up to the vet school at Mississippi State to get a full-on diagnosis, so must figure out a time to make that happen. If you'd like to donate to the Ouisie Uterus Project, please feel free to send some $$$.

My funny story of that entire experience was relying on the GPS in my friends' VERY nice pickup truck. I was trying to be all short-cutty and when I reached a place where a sign said, "Pavement ends," I was like, "ruh-roh." I trudged along a mile or so more before I realized I wasn't in a vehicle for exploring and had to turn the horse trailer around at an intersection of pig trails. The GPS was screaming at me to go straight for .8 miles and turn right. The only barrier? Someone's private security gate at their driveway.

Who knew one could get so lost in Alabama?

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