Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thank You Matt Damon



Rachel Mularz said...

How can somebody agree with this jackass?? He is your typical Hollywood actor. He is going to go with what's "popular". What has Obama ever done for America? NOTHING. What has he ever sacrificed for America? NOTHING. I want a President that knows what its like to be on both sides of the gun and won't wimp out when things get tough. I want a President that won't be afraid to tell Russia where they can stick their nuclear weapons.
How is Obama any better than Palin? He's not! He was not even allowed on the floor during the last convention. Obama is a crook. He is a joke. Obama belongs to a church that hates whites. Hmmmm. Yeah we really need that in the White House.

Robby Johnson said...

I find your commentary very fascinating, because it is the total antithesis of mine.

I seem to recall Obama giving the keynote speech at the 04 DNC, but am not sure if that's the same thing as being "on the floor."

This isn't, however, about who is better - it's just about filling in the gaps that are VERY clearly missing.

What church hates white?
Does Russia have nuclear weapons again?

We must discuss this over lunch the next time I'm home!

Rachel Mularz said...

I look forward to a lively conversation. I'll bring a couple bottles of wine and we'll have a good ol' time.