Thursday, September 18, 2008

Planning Planning Planning, Keep Those People Planning

Don't act all surprised when I mention 2009 will mark 20 years since I've graduated high school. The appropriate response is "20 years? My God, I'd have thought 10 but 20? Seriously? Wow, you look amazing." Rehearse it. Own it. Deliver it. I'm talking conviction, people. Because any old jokes and baby I'm a rooster in an igloo ... I'll cold-cock you!

It would appear I'm getting myself heavily involved in the planning process. Why? Why am I? My goal is to lighten my load, clear my plate, relax a little, do some more pilates, ride my big fabulous horse more. It's just so Robby-like, though. I mean, events are a common tactic in my profession, so I sort of owe it to my classmates to invest myself in that regard.

And modern technology is making it so much easier! I've started a group on Facebook, reached out to some awesome classmates to serve on a planning committee, developed an initial survey which has been posted on the group and will also propagate via email, and will let those responses guide the direction of the event.

As soon as my pilates certification test is over, and some initial results have been gathered, I'll write a more comprehensive plan to share with my fellow planners, then we'll identify committee needs, and solicit volunteers to perform the duties.

It's all so Tracy Flick "Election," right? Well, except for no hunky teacher to torture. Damn.

If you went to Baker High School ("Hornets, are super-bad super-bad super-bad ... hey!") in Mobile, Alabama, and graduated in 1989 - and you know you had some big hair and ripped Guess jeans - please email me. I'll share the survey links with you.

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