Saturday, September 13, 2008

Examples Are?

And, yet again, no one seems to be able to point to anything specific. (Thanks for sharing, Jon!)

I would love to thank the individual who went to the trouble to organize this online. Please read it. Please watch it. It's priceless, and such a case of art imitating life imitating art. I don't regularly watch Family Guy, because I typically don't watch television, though when I do I find it hysterical and somewhat shockingly poignant. However, I did catch this episode a year or so ago and it made an impression.

We share the messages which impact us, because they give additional dimension and volume to the feelings and thoughts we sometimes struggle to communicate. After watching the Campbell Brown interview on YouTube I set about trying to find the Family Guy clip and, one quick Google search later, voila!, The Largest Minority has already done the work for me, in a much, much better format. Thanks Largest Minority!

It is not my nature to rigidly adhere to anything. I tend to form opinions based on the facts as I perceive and experience them. I am always willing to listen objectively to both sides of a story. (Thanks high school journalism and subsequent communications degree!)

I do have to say one thing - John McCain surely did recognize a windfall in terms of removing himself from a lot of public scrutiny. Sarah Palin is taking a beating for him.

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