Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Cape Fear

I am sure that Sarah Palin is probably a perfectly fine person. In fact, she reminds me of people I know. People I love. People I call family. I like the fact that despite all of the hoopla that is surfacing about her, she's chosen a track and made something happen for herself, and for her family. And let's face it, we're going to be hard pressed as we move forward to expect political candidates to be demi-gods. Sarah Palin is 44 years-old, for God's sake. If you think that hard core AC/DC, old-school Led Zeppelin WITH the beauty pageant coefficient factored in background isn't littered with some "Damn I was drunk last night" mornings- after and neon-dyed feathered roach clips - so Greater Gulf State Fair ca. 1982 - you're wrong, my friends!

She can bring home a bull elk, fry it up in a pan, and still manage to rock her seriously awesome jawline in this photograph that looks quite a bit like stock photography. It does, doesn't it? Like, it's the sort of photo you see in an ad for IBM's new CRM product "Touch My Body." And the copy might say something like, "I never knew touching my customers so often could feel so good."

But SP isn't just a model, y'all. She's a politician. And she's going places!

I have such a hard time comprehending political platforms based on the social/culture "war." The tactic is fear, and it amazes me how so many people can be whipped into this moblike frenzy over issues like gay marriage and abortion. Number 1, who the eff cares if two gay people get married? What harm does it do? It's harmful how? Oh, right, it really isn't. But it brings out the judgey judgey and fear in all of those who don't make an effort on educate themselves on the simple facts, doesn't it?

Same goes for abortion. I do not disagree that the exercise of having an unplanned baby is the ultimate demonstration of taking responsibility for a physical act that could've been prevented. You play the game, you pay the price. What I have a real problem with is imposing a difficult life on an innocent child, and perpetuating a vicious cycle.

Here's a little fact I've observed - fairy godmothers with magic wands seldom appear and make it all better. People model the behaviors that exist in them organically. A great example would be evangelical leader Ted Haggard, who tried to comply to an exalted social standard but, at his core, was very different indeed. His apocalypse was avoidable (it's a secret weapon I like to call "the truth," try it, you'll like it!) but it serves as a reminder that we are who we are, and no amount of denial, judgment, guilt-tripping, or shunning will change that.

I have yet to meet a woman who's had an abortion who did it flippantly, as a method of birth-control. It's a VERY serious event, and it's life-changing, and a lifelong decision. But I think if a woman knows in her heart that she isn't prepared to be a mother or provide a decent life for her baby, she should have the right to show mercy on her unborn child. To me there is no difference with terminating a pregnancy, or killing a child slowly by bringing them into a toxic environment.

TRANSLATION: where there's smoke, there's usually fire.

So, to end this Negative Nigel post, let me just say that if you get your political rocks off by the NRA, NASCAR, We Hate Everything That Ain't Right By God set, please don't tell me about it in the name of Jesus, with an "I just do" explanation. Step up with a reason - a tangible - that demonstrates why you believe what you believe. And if you cannot do that, then consider as an American your right to ask questions and demand more from the political process, and to be free in taking ownership of who you really are. We are not lambs being led to slaughter. Let's stop subscribing to that doctrine.

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Rachel Mularz said...

On your comments on abortion, the only way and I mean the only way that I would agree to it is if a life would be in danger (i.e. etopic pregnancy). My pregnancy with my child was definitely unplanned and I was scared out of my mind. Fortunately I was with someone who was thrilled with the aspect of being a Daddy and me being the momma. Abortion is wrong. Its legalized murder. Life begins at conception. If a mother doesn't want to put a child in a "vicious" cycle, then put the child up for adoption or find them a loving home. I know plenty of people that have never been able to have children that would love to be able to adopt. This reasoning above isn't my Southern Baptist upbringing or the beliefs that the Catholic church I belong to, but its what I believe in my heart. I couldn't live with blood on my hands knowing that even if I could not provide a quality life for a child that someone else could.
As far as Ms. Palin. She rocks. She is a strong woman who isn't afraid to look you in the eye and tell you what SHE thinks. I'm voting for McCain/Palin because #1 it's the lesser of two evils #2 I admire the heck out of McCain. #3 McCain has more experience.