Monday, September 15, 2008


Just so no one thinks I've completely tipped off the liberal end and spiraled deep into anarchy, I give you Dolly Parton doing "Me and Bobby McGee" with Kris Kristofferson ca. 2005. How can you go wrong with Dolly? She's the ultimate olive branch, right? I LOVE her and would totally have her baby.

I spent the weekend recognizing what a hot mess I am when it comes to personal organization and responsibility. I am not even kidding you that I finally went through my stacks (I am terrible to start a stack and only neaten it without ever really addressing it) and Lord-have-mercy, I had mail from February. Doh! I mean, really. Most of it had been addressed via my electronic billing mechanisms, but there were a few surprises in there too. None of them bills, of course, but items which may've been important to've addressed when they were timely.

So, my new vow(s):
  1. Check mail daily.
  2. Open mail daily.
  3. Process requests/actions daily.
The good news is that my apartment is a lot cleaner and I feel much better because I've addressed the great big pile of uncertainty. Bring on the good life, baby!

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Melanie said...

I applaud your music selection, but hands down I prefer Janice Joplin's version of "Me and Bobby McGee". lol