Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Up In Smoke ...

I love reading David Sedaris. For one thing, he's an essayist, so it's rather easy to get through each entry and thusly feel like you're reading a book when, in fact, you're reading essays. It's sort of like, oh what's it like?, come to me analogy ... it's like, oh who am I kidding, it's like what it is. A collection of essays.

His new book, "When You Are Engulfed In Flames," has been my reader over the past week and I am positively taken with it. Sedaris has been described in many ways so I won't try to exceed description by offering something new to the mix, but I will say that he's poignant, dry, sarcastic, and deranged. And those qualities come together and resonate in a way that, to me, is totally normal and healthy. I'm not sure I should admit that.

I have a friend who commented on my Facebook yesterday that the audio version of his book is even better and I definitely could see that being true. Sedaris has been an NPR commentator for years so he has a great sense of timing and delivery. If you're planning a road trip, borrow the cd from your local library and see if it lights you up!

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