Friday, August 01, 2008

Santorini By Morning ...

Laugh not at the mess of an outfit I have on here. Greece is harsh, y'all, and even though I'd slathered in SERIOUS SPF 50 before taking the little water ferry over to Santorini, while we waited in line to ride the cable car up (yes, Santorini is built atop the island and it's pretty much a straight drop down to the water), my head started frying. This became a common theme throughout the trip. Have I lost more hair? God only knows.

I had to buy something to protect my head and since I was already sort of rocking my whole over-the-top blingy look, I decided to go full-scale with it. And because it's Greece, I got all sorts of props on my look from the local shop owners. Granted, when I go to a swanky Greek Isle I don't expect to have the opportunity to buy a black leatherette jacket emblazoned with "Porsche" the second I hit the streets, so I think my tacky was totally appropriate. Cultural integration, we'll call it. Blending in with the locals.

With that said, Santorini was the elegant Princess Caroline compared to Mykonos' Princess Stephanie. Both places were gorgeous and amazing and authentic, but Santorini was quieter, and provided a stark contrast of small white homes, hotels, and shops atop a volcanic island with the deep blue water of the Aegean directly below. The streets were similar to Mykonos, sans the vehicles (yay for pedestrian only!) and I saw one of the most beautiful pastry shops I've ever seen in my life here. The food/presentation was art of the highest caliber.

We were only ported in Santorini from 8 am - 2 pm and I was sad when we left. It signified the end of the journey, and I sensed the two nights remaining on the ship prior to our arrival in Rome would fly by. Since we cannot hold the hands of time in one place, nor turn it back, I decided to maximize the time and ride it out for all it was worth! Sometimes it's best to deal with a horse who wants to run unbridled by bridging the reins, pressing the hands into the crest, sinking your weight into your heels, and letting him go. Fundamental decompression at its finest!


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meandering way said...

I have yet to see a photo of anyone atop Santorini that was less than fab! I think the uber-blue Aegean makes us all sparkle!