Friday, August 22, 2008


When we were in Rome last month - Rome, Italy, and not Rome, Georgia, for all you good ol' Southerners - my boy J-Dawg kept talking about an HBO series called, appropriately enough, "Rome." As most people know, I seldom watch television UNLESS it's Project Runway which is quite honestly, the world's best television EVER and if you think Daniel shouldn't have gone 2 weeks ago, you're wrong! I felt that Kelly totally got the shaft prematurely, but that's a different blog post. But if Jon recommends something I typically listen because he has awesome taste in all things celluloid and I've yet to disagree with anything for which he directs props.

I added the entire series to the top of my Netflix immediately upon return and have been watching a DVD here and there. I am glad I was able to visit the city prior to watching as there is much allusion that I'm sure would've gone unnoticed had it not been for the Awesomeness of Sabina. And now I'm feeling all ancient Roman and thinking, "Yes, yes! That's the answer to my problems! I will pledge an allegiance to someone or something but, when the chips are down, I'll betray them by throwing an asp in their bed ... it's perfect, diabolical, madness! MWWWWAAAAHHHHHHAAAAAAA!"

OK, not really, but I do recommend the series if you're into dramatic historical interpretation.

I am a little under the weather - thanks Wednesday - with post-nasal drip and onset sinus infection symptoms. Last night, indeed, I was so wretched I had to cancel my pilates classes. My throat be hurting and my nose be stuffy but I have dropped two Mucinex in the past 12 hours and am feeing a lil' better. Here's the thing - I HATE being sick. I also like to pretend like I'm not sick, eternal optimist that I am. And sometimes I have to trick myself by wearing something really cute.

Like my superfly new military capri pants that I totally bought from my supersecret online source. They scream Updated Roman Centurion Meets Post-Modern Gay Pilates Instructor and I am going to wear them everyday through the end of the season.

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