Friday, August 08, 2008

Me and Edamame

I have always loved me some edamame. Like, when I go out for sushi, they'd better bring me some STAT or I will full-on bounce, ok? It's like when I go to a wedding, if they don't have champagne for meeveryone at the reception, I'm not staying and I'm taking my gift back. I hate it even more when bride/groom have a champagne toast then offer up non-alcoholic punch to everyone else. Seriously, wtf? If you ask me to cross the bridge and come to your little social tradition the least you can do is meet me halfway and accommodate the customs of my people. And by customs I mean drinkin' habits! Your inevitable divorce is my inevitable disco party. See, it really does take a village!

Now that I've cleared that blockage, let's return to the soy fiber low-cal goodness that is my friend edamame. It's my new snack of choice. I buy it pod-style in the frozen section of my local Winn-Dixie. Last week it was on sale 3 for $5 and that, my friends, is a bargain.

My new goal is to eat only edamame and Tic-Tacs until I lose 10 pounds.


Jane said...

It's the way of the Southern Baptist wedding, not only will there be NO alcohol, but the punch will match the bridesmaids dresses. And there shall be peanuts, pastel mints, and cake squares rather than actual slices from the wedding cake.

Guests will stand in the longest reception line ever. There will be small talk. Thoughts of what else you could be doing will run through your head.

In short, southern weddings, bar none, are the dullest events ever conceived. However, our funerals are somewhat better or at least the food's better.

meandering way said...

So do you pop these bad boys raw or prepare them some way? Do tell....bean and tic-tac diet I can do!

Robby Johnson said...

I love all the put on of the Southern wedding, mostly because I'm cynical enough to marvel at how everyone is living in a Happy Bubble, like the Happiest Day of My Life is going to be everyday of your life. It's so not.

MW, yes, I boil them according to package instructions then salt a little with kosher/coarse salt. Lovez it!