Thursday, August 21, 2008

Major Connections

First things first, I need a good editorial connection (financial) at The Wall Street Journal. If a good editorial connection isn't available, a bad one will do. I just need a starting point for trying to get a story placed. It's a big story with great potential and certainly keeping me on my little PR toes. Help a brother out, y'all, or else I'll have to Slap A Bitch. (Lewd lyrics by Macy Gray, but the song is catchy and hot ... thanks Jon!)

I started getting all post-nasal drippy yesterday and have a sore throat today. This not good. Not good at all. I need to be 100% as I have a lot of shizz on my list to accomplish. I really want to sneak down to MSJ's just to float in her pool this weekend but that's not going to happen as I'm hoping to get Ouisie moved to a permanent low-key retirement home in Hale County on Saturday. We're also possibly getting remnants of Tropical Storm Fay on the weekend so I might be staying in anyway.

Stir crazy cabin fever. Ahhh, good times!

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