Monday, August 11, 2008

Mags Cho

The only thing better than seeing Margaret Cho live is seeing Margaret Cho live up close and personal in a small comedy club venue. Which, in case you've not already guessed, I did on Saturday night with my friend Justin. Why she was booked to play for shows at Birmingham's Stardome - the comedy equivalent of, oh, I don't know, let's say D-list to keep with our comedic theme - I do not know, but we snatched up tickets to the 9:45 p.m. show and never looked back.

I'd seen her live twice - once in Dallas and once again in Little Rock (where her content was heavily focused on politics). This show was flat-out raunch and I LOVED it but I gotta say, I think it fell a little flat on the repressed Alabama crowd. Well, sorta. I mean, you have to have a really open mind when someone starts to jank on Big J.

I always feel so empowered when I see Margaret either live or on DVD/tv, etc., because she's such an advocate for equality and she makes such salient points through her commentary. So when I walked out of the doors of the club (the first one out as Justin had taken a call toward the end of the show and was waiting for me) and overheard this little tobacco spit talking to his friend outside say, "See, they're everywhere, that's all there is here," I was somewhat gobsmacked. Dude, really? Did you not have an idea that Margaret Cho is like Emperial Fag Hag from the SFO and, as such, her legions of loyal fans ARE her audience?

And yeah, we are everywhere. I've been here 37 years, so unless you want my Punky Brewster Puma up your ass as a souvenir, leave the commentary to the professional or, better, listen to it and try to adapt. There's a reason why people make assumptions about Alabama and, honestly, I know why they do. When something looks like a duck, quacks like a duck well, it's usually a duck. And we've got a LONG way to go before we change public opinion about the retarded, backwoods mentality that most use as a label for us.

p.s. MSJ has to return to her horror job today after a summer off. Be strong, sister. Be strong!

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