Monday, August 18, 2008

Interval Training

The good folks over at Men's Health do a fantastic job of helping a brother out when it comes to his personal fitness. Normally I never read the email updates I sign up for, eventually deleting them before I even open them but never actually unsubscribing (because I'm crazy like that), but their little daily messages resonate - at least for now. They're helpful in the sense they make me feel totally inadequate, and I'm a classic middle child so the fastest way to get me to do something is to either tell me I can't, or to point out a deficiency.

Such is the case with intervals. Last week I got a timely note on how doing intervals can actually increase your fat burn and muscular gains with a much smaller investment of time. Like 12 minutes versus an hour of sustained running. I don't have tons of time and I also abhor cardio, so I think interval training might just be the ticket for me.

I tested the waters Thursday night on the treadmill, doing a program called "Minute Man" in which you warm up for 3-5 minutes, then do a minute at max, a minute resting, for 8 sets (16 minutes) before cooling down for 3-5 minutes. Even though I was wearing my headphones, I could tell I sounded like a herd of elephants on the treadmill when I was doing my max work so I opted to try again Saturday morning out on the levee trail.

It was somewhat fun and reminded me a bit of Phoebe's "running" on that episode of "Friends" when she's all spastic and running like she's 8. I haven't run as fast as I can run in a good 25 years - maybe more - but was able to pull off 3 1-minute intervals, each more difficult than the other. I had to laugh, however, and wonder what passersby may've thought when they saw me running like my hair was on fire, or I was being chased by a mad rooster.

I'm also building up my mad jump rope skillz and guess what - you can apply interval practice to rope jumping too! Yeehaw!

There's a little football field that's largely unused by the levee trail, and I may identify a buddy who will go run sprints with me there. Interested parties please apply via email.

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London said...

LoL...sounds like me, but I don't just have the newsletters...I have all the info gidgets.