Thursday, August 28, 2008


My plans to visit New Orleans this weekend have certainly been thrown a curve ball, thank you Gustav.

It always sucks when you anticipate a good time - especially an annual event - with your friends, in an atmosphere that is very creative, whimsical, and often times a little mysterious. It gives me lots of fuel, building my endurance for tolerating life in the rather stuffy environment I call home.

I did, however, get my ears boxed last night by my friend who lives in NOLA. It was done appropriately, and this morning I'm humbled. Worrying about my good time is really ridiculous when not only my friends in New Orleans, but my own family in Mobile, could be facing a serious catastrophe over the weekend. Indeed, even where I live we will certainly be touched by the effects of a hurricane, even though we're 200 miles inland from the coast.

You never want to wish a hurricane on anyone. I have lived through many, and the aftermath is always overwhelming: a true test of the human will to survive. With that said, I do hope the ground zero areas of Katrina are spared a direct hit. The panic in the voice of my friend was very real, and it's only now - with enough time for the direct actions of surviving the Katrina disaster to seep into a story - that the reflection on the experience reveals more horror and heartache than anything remotely positive.

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