Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Crunch Goes The Teres

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this but, in the spirit of 100% All Access, All The Time, must uphold the revelation of all that is good, bad, and possibly even ugly. Transparency, people, that's what I'm talking about.

So my training rings, let's talk about those. They are awesome, but I believe they should come with a little podcast or something that essentially reminds an overachiever to "Keep it simple, Mr. 37."

After 3-4 days of getting my feet wet with some simple push-ups, row-ups, and straight-ups (love the name of that last one because every time I perform the exercise I start to think it's 1989 and I'm all "Lost, in a dream, I don't know which way to go ...") I decided on Sunday to step it up a notch and positioned my shins on my stability ball, found a plank position for push-ups, then pressed right down on an inhale, shaking like a Chihuahua at a fireworks display, and blew a big exhale as I pushed up, hearing a lovely crunch from the right shoulder but, even moreso, feeling a dull throbbing pain that progressed after, of course, I continued the set.

Within an hour I knew I'd done more harm than good, though admittedly I didn't think I'd experienced an acute injury. I had the massage therapist at the studio last night look at it before I taught pilates, and he could definitely feel a discrepancy in the teres minor on the right side, though I still have full range of motion of the joint with no pain, just a little dullness.

The lesson learned is 1.) don't be a dumbass, 2.) stretch well before attempting any exercise, and 3.) take your Advil!

While my training rings have essentially bucked me off, I say worry not. I will get back up on that horse and make it my own. As soon as the inflammation subsides.

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