Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Hey everyone! I'm back from my super fabulous Mediterranean vacation. I'd hoped to be able to share it with photographs but I lost my camera the first night we were in Barcelona - either left it in a cab or got pick-pocketed. This was so disappointing to me that I nearly cried (real tears, not fake ones) but thankfully the boys are going to share theirs and, thusly, I shall share too.

I'm really exhausted though was able to seek refuge with my boy Doc Martin in Atlanta last night. 9 hours of sleep was good. That I made it to Tuscaloosa and into my office at 8:00 this morning is nothing short of miraculous ... thank God for a time zone shift heading west!

I met some really amazing people from all over the world while I was away. I hope they'll be able to find me and will want to stay in touch. Globalization, pets, that's the name of the game!

I'll give a more thorough diary-like update this week. Look for more tomorrow morning!

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