Thursday, July 31, 2008

Greece Is The Word ...

Admittedly, the destination on our 8-day cruise which excited me most was Mykonos, Greece. Why? Can't really say. Just seemed exotic and enchanted. When I was a grade school boy, MSJ and I lived for the movie "Clash Of The Titans" which we saw not only in the theater with my BFF Chad and his father, but at least 300 additional times on HBO. That was back in the day when HBO would run the same movie over and over, and we were glued to it. ("But Zeus visited her. Visited her, and loved her.")

My fondness for mythology was established early on, leading me to take a class in college, though admittedly it's another of those things that requires regular attention and study. It's becoming painfully apparent to me that 14 years post-college, I need some remediation!

Our ship was scheduled to stay in Mykonos until 2 a.m. There is a very popular beach there, and the island itself is quite popular as a tourist destination, with several bars right in the downtown area. We ventured over early as I had one very important goal: find good place for real Greek salad and eat up!

I should share that Greece was hot. In the literal sense. Very dry, arid feel with a brutal sun and even wearing a 50 spf, I got quite a bit of color. According to lore (and Mark, who told me this) Mykonos was built in such a way as to confuse raiding pirates and prevent them from finding key buildings in the city. Translation? It's like little streets/alleys that just go here and there with no specific rhyme or reason.

And sometimesoften these little bitty 3-wheel pickup trucks come driving through, and you're forced to either climb up onto a ledge or turn sideways and get really skinny. In pilates class I teach an exercise wherein I give a visual (thanks to my instructor Tammy who used it once and do we see a trend here? I'm just conduit for messages, people, that's what I do!) of "becoming a piece of toast in a toaster slot." That's sort of what you have to do on the streets of Mykonos.

Because I'm Robby and you know what that means - calorie-burning - I got really hungry really fast. Yes I'd had breakfast. But if I don't eat every two hours I will starve to death. It's the way of my people. (And a key contributor to my muffin top.) So we broke up the random wandering band and found a portside cafe, where I had a kick-ass Greek salad (yay!) and tzatziki. Ahh, content.

As the queue for the taxi/transport to go out to the beach was riconckulous when we arrived in Mykonos, I opted to venture back to the ship for a few hours of heliotherapy. Later that day we reconvened and went back to a waterside setting to watch the sunset, which is a very popular thing to do there.

As I sipped on two kir, dangling my legs over a ledge, sharing the experience with my homeboys, I couldn't help but think, "If I died right now, I'd be so happy!"

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