Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Big Wiffle

In case I've posted this image of West Farthing and me, please forgive. Or, better, love it again. Because I do. I sho' do.

West Farthing is doing fantastic. I recently pulled his rear shoes as the summer heat/humidity is rather oppressive and, quite honestly, I'm not riding him enough to warrant steel all the way around. When the weather gets better (or I suck it up, or his feet tell me) we'll add them back.

WF loves his steel fan hanging in the corner of his stall. He seriously stands right in front of it all day long and dreams of his youth in England where, I'm sure, it was seldom 97 degrees and 100% humidity. The past few days here in West Alabama have been pleasant, though, with the humidity temporarily absent and the temps a wee bit cooler, so I have tacked up the beast and tooled about the arena and front field.

It's fun, and WF feels muy importante with someone on his back. He's a superstar.

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