Thursday, June 05, 2008

Work It Out ...

All I know is this ... I have been getting my cardio on via the treadmill and if you think it's making absolutely. no. difference where weight loss is concerned, you're right. And I'm talking uno hora doing a high walk/run cardio program. Y'all, I even sweat. A lot. The good news is that my knees aren't killing me so I'm inspired to keep going. The bad news is that people keep having functions at work - leaving company, having a baby, getting married - and you know what that means ... white cake. Full of dulce and I cannot say no. I'm such a lab rat.

I really want to drop 10 pounds and it's hard. But for some reason, hard challenges me and I nearly always step up. So, we'll see what happens after a month.

It's a hot mutha here in West Alabama. I have hung a high-dolla fan for WF and he's being turned out at night. I hate it when the horses get hot.


Jane said...

I indulged this weekend by having myself fitted for and buying a new pair of Asics. Once bought, naturally I had to also buy a sporty new cap and matching pink jog bra. Then the heat cranked up to 150F, so I sat inside with my new stuff telling it of the day when we can go out and run. Sigh.

Such said...

Dear Suzy,

If you really wanted to lose the weight, you would say no to the cake. But then again, you're just a crybaby loser.