Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Signed, With A Home Tattoo, Happy Birthday To You Was Created For You ...

OK, so you should know that if I knew how to Photoshop better I would take care of my stomach - especially that God-awful shadow that's making me look 10 pounds heavier - but about the only thing I could figure out was how to flip an image horizontally. That's what you get for having v5.5 installed on your laptop. And, oh yeah, 1999 called and it said it wants it back.

I am just in from getting a new tattoo. I know, I know, who gets tattoos these days, right? But I am getting ready to celebrate my birthday, on the Mediterranean, with my best friends. And I wanted to do something to commemorate the trip and the opportunity to experience something so grand in my lifetime. Turning 37 is a blessing as well, and I always want to remember that on July 7, 1971, I was given a life for which I have only ever been thankful, grateful, and humbled to occupy.

I did quite a bit of research and designed my tattoo myself. The Roman month was broken into three sections: Kalendes, Nones, and Ides. From a website:

"In the calendar of the ancient Romans, the months contained three primary markers -- the Kalends, the Nones and the Ides. The Kalends were always the first day of the month. The Nones were usually the 5th but sometimes the 7th, and the Ides were the 15th but sometimes the 13th. All the days after the Ides were numbered by counting down towards the next month's Kalends. The holidays were generally bunched together to form continuous celebrations, and the remaining days of the month were usually nondescript workdays."

As I learned, the Nones of 31-day months began on the 7th. Named for Julius Caesar, the month we know as July was called Iliius. While my tattoo isn't the classic way of citing, I liked this variation. Had I been born on July 6 I would have to do this whole string of cacka with dots and AD's and shizz and I'm just going to tell you that while real estate probably wasn't the issue, pain would've been.

Yes, it did hurt. Not so bad until he started getting closer to the armpit and then I was all "Shit I hope that's an 'N.'" And he was like, "Nope, it's an 'O.'" I do have a little special place I go called Masochistic Tattoo Zone, in which I stare blankly at the wall and think crazy hedonistic thoughts like, "It's the tickle of a little dragon breathing down your body." Masochistic Tattoo Zone is, incidentally, very near Self-Hating Anorexia Zone but that's a story for another day.

I sucked it up and now, well, I'm happy.


Elle said...

Loves it! I hope someone Grecian starts licking you at the 'N' and keeps on goin'!

Joey G said...

Fabulous. You are getting the next one when I get mine!

Such said...

Dear Suzy,

Photoshop, really?