Monday, June 16, 2008

Me And My Cholesterol

Something that really cheeses me off is my cholesterol. I mean, look at me for God's sake. I'm a bloody bastion of health, right? Granted I've mistakenly picked up the child's size softball bat instead of the regular sized one I purchased here in this photo snapped during our associate picnic in April, but you would never look at me and think "Off the charts triglycerides, low HDL, of concern LDL," now would you?

And yet you should because, my friends, that's my reality. I've always struggled with cholesterol and I have a problem with being medicated, so have to return to diet diligence. Last year, in June, I had a very respectable total number of 126, with triglycerides normal, LDL normal, and HDL up from 17 to 40. I attribute this solely to following Dr. Fuhrman's "Eat To Live"program. While I continue to eat all healthy-like, I've probably been heavy on the complex carbs and REALLY light on the green leafy vegetables for quite some time.

Also, when I was screened last week I had not been fasting. I'd eaten two packages of cracked sunflower seeds and consumed a sugar free Red Bull because that's what I do in the mornings. I drink Red Bull. I told my doctor this and she thought it wouldn't make a huge difference. Well, my total number of 233 with triglycerides over 300 suggests otherwise. I have to take a proper fasting test this week.

And if you think I've not been eating like a vegetarian bird and doing a shitload of cardio, you're wrong. Robby Johnson does NOT like to lose and thusly he must beat the Cholesterol opponent.

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