Monday, June 02, 2008

Junio Already?

So I cannot believe it's already June. Girl, you know what that means. July right around the corner and I will be 37! Yikes! I still feel 17 and God knows I still behave that way. Witnesseth: I had all of these goals to get organized and clean my apartment this weekend but Saturday a.m. rolled around and all I could do was muster the energy to go to breakfast with my pilates instructor, then decided to spend the rest of the day poolside with a friend. I have to say it was a great decision because it was way more fun than sorting through old stacks of paper.

Yesterday I spent some serious quality time with HRH West Farthing. I still have days when I just go, "I cannot believe you're my horse." Like yesterday: after we'd finished our ride and he'd been hosed off and was grazing to dry, I sat beneath the shade of a crepe myrtle while he munched on clover right at my feet. He was so soft and quiet and comfortable. It's really special when you make that bond with a horse. I am thinking of giving WF a nickname. I might call him Wiffle because that's the noise he makes when he sees me walking down the shedrow. He's far too stoic to whinny, but he starts making a deep guttural sound which is barely audible but moreso evident by his nostrils flaring.

My friend Dan came by the barn yesterday and I just happened to have my camera. I'd not ridden him in over a week, and he was a little bouncy when we first started, but he settled right in and actually did some really fantastic work yesterday. We're beginning to speak the same language and, while there was a moment during the first canter when I thought he was going to buck, I do believe we're starting to do some respectable work. I may get my friend Jane to take a little video tonight if she's going to be around.

So, here's to a fantastic June, people. Make it special!

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