Thursday, May 15, 2008

What A Difference A Bit Makes ...

So, The Prince of Tides West Farthing had to endure my regular 5" bit for our first 10 days together. It's a generous bit - a KK Aurigan loose ring - that for some reason I just felt he was like, "bleck," about. And granted, .5" doesn't seem like a huge increment but apparently to a horse's mouth it's the difference between "A'fur piece" and "A hop-skip-jump." When I got home last night WF's box of swag was on my doorstep, and included his new 5.5" Happy Mouth Loose Ring French Link snaffle bit. Say that 3 times quickly. I outfitted it on my dressage bridle, which has a flash noseband, instead of my jumping bridle because why wouldn't I? I have choices, y'all, and life is too short to use the same bridle over and over. If you think I am not going to buy him another bit to put on his jumping bridle, guess what, I am!

Anyhoodle, it was sprinkling a little and I was due to meet the barn bitches (yay!) at Pepito's but once I had My Little Pony groomed with some new brushes and wearing his new Woof boots and bridle, and the rain ceased, I had to complete the concept by tacking up and doing a quick 20-minute jaunt around the arena. It was quiet and cool and I was pretty amazed at how much differently WF went in his new bit. Granted, every time I've ridden him he's gotten better. You must remember he's been out of work for over a year, and he's learning how all of his incredible training can be completely undone in 2 short weeks a completely different rider, so the expectation isn't short-term but, moreso, what can happen over time.

He's positively amazing, however, and sometimes when I really focus and concentrate on what my body is doing and asking, he'll give me a few steps of sheer heaven. It's seriously like floating down a river of honey and manna.

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allie said...

Robby, you make me giggle.
It's all about the tack. Anybody who does not know that need not play in our game.