Friday, May 09, 2008

Trot A Little

I always loved the name of Stevie Nicks' 1986 album "Rock A Little." In addition to being a freaking smokin' album, I inherently connected to the title. Little know factoid about The Robster: homeboy loves him some rock-n-roll. In fact, I will one day breed a horse and name it Rock A Little and, of course, call it Rocky. I tried to give the name to my friend Bryan for her 3/4 TB x 1/4 ID (Coconut Grove x Diamond Elle IDSH) when I still lived in Little Rock. I thought it was a great play on words.

Concluding my weeklong blog dedication to West Farthing (cue the loud trumpeting music which preludes his entrance, and envision the flags unfolding as we walk down the shedrow) I've included a video of me riding him Wednesday night. It should be entitled "When Amateurs Attack," but I thought it would be fun to share just because. I don't care that he's a bit wonky and I hope you can see that he doesn't really care either. In just one week one thing is apparent to me (and it was from the very beginning), West Farthing is not only a survivor, he's a thriver. He steps up because it's innate to him, and that quality is so pure and so precious that I cannot impose dilution by denying him the opportunity to try.

Happy weekend to all! I'm heading down to the coast tomorrow for a few graduation and birthday parties, as well as Mother's Day. Still trying to figure out how to ride at the ass crack in the morning and return in enough time to play on Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you are horsey. I miss having horsey people in my life. The last horsey person I met was Carson, but I don't see him very often.

Have fun with your horse.