Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Midnight Snack

West Farthing consumes my conscience for the time being. I'm sorry, I'm infatuated! It's like going home from a bar with Brad Pitt and waking up to find him cooking you breakfast and asking what you want to do for the afternoon. This is a pic of WF from Sunday, as we were tacking up for our hack in the park. I am pretty sure this was pre-fly-spray because as you can tell, he still looks genuinely placid. And, admittedly, he pretty much is this way 100% of the time. He gets over himself really quickly because being upset causes us to use energy, people! I taught pilates last night until 8, then ran out to the barn to visit, and wound up taking him on a half hour hand graze. Today I am placing my first order from Dover Saddlery in at least 3 years. This of course will open up the floodgates of 3 catalogs a week because apparently they subscribe to Direct Mail Theory: 1992, but I need some lead ropes and a few new curry combs and brushes. In reviewing my horse trailer the other day it became very apparent that I need to have another simplification. I have so much shit and, seriously, like at least 20 different options for cleaning my tack. Speaking of, my saddle is so squeaky that I can barely think when I'm riding in it. I oiled it after I rode on Sunday but am thinking it needs a hard-core treatment. I'd love ideas from people on how to return it to that soft, unobnoxious, state. I have Hydrophane, Lexol, Carr Day & Martin, glycerine, Bienenwach's, and made even some other stuff too.

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