Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Life's A Beach ...

I'm happy to report that Pensacola Pride was a great success in that we only lost one tent (and we think it can be repaired) during Friday night's storm, only endured one member of our party being rushed to hospital (he's totally OK and it had nothing to do with drinking too much), and just had one "I probably shouldn't have done that last shot" moment and no, it wasn't mine! I was golden for the weekend having stuck to my strategy of only drinking beer because a.) redneck and b.) been there done that and nothing says hot mess like Tara Reid: The Sequel.

This is a photograph of my new beach canopy. I bought it last summer, in anticipation of Pensacola this year. I seldom go to the beach, though am slowly amassing an arsenal of beach shizz, so may have to look for another opportunity to set up again before the end of the season.

It was great seeing all of my friends, including the New Orleans crowd, who had a dj spinning live in their tent. So awesome! So Club MTV!

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