Monday, May 12, 2008

It's A Family Affair ...

Down on the coast, this is how we do. We love a big pot of boiled crawfish or shrimp (in this case) with all sorts of other "good stuff" thrown on the side, and great company to share it with. I headed down to Mobs on Saturday morning after I went to make out with WF for a few minutes. In 24 hours I made it to a graduation reception for my two cousins, a birthday celebration for my now 8 year-old niece, and a Mother's Day celebration where my mama, my sister, and my aunt were the guests of honor. It was particularly awesome and while I'm a bit whooped this morning, I'm recharged on the family front. And in case there were any questions, my father/brother's recent semi-eviction from the little league park after my nephew was called out at home plate for his first home run, and an impending homicide investigation for Daddy's 76 year-old cousin in Virginia, reiterate my humble white trashiness.

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