Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Iowa Tornadoes Affect Pony Clubbers

This is from an email a friend in Iowa sent yesterday:

As I am sure many of you have heard on the news, the Parkersburg-New Hartford Iowa area was hit extremely hard by a tornado on Saturday. Over 200 homes were totally destroyed. Silver Bits Pony Club members
live in this area. I am fwding an email from Bridget Bryson, the DC of SBPC, with specific needs. In addition, please know that several Pony Club horses/ponies were killed and 2 families have lost EVERYTHING. Please
let me know what you may be able to do. Besides their homes, and everything in them, they no longer have anything ponyclub or horse related. This of course isn't even mentioning regular clothing, furniture, dishes, etc. They've lost everyting from their PC pins, to breeches to boots to halters-saddles-leadropes-pads, etc. Two ponies are in very bad condition and will need stall rest for a long time, if they survive, which means shavings, bandaging supplies, medications, etc. Someone has offered pasture, but they need fencing materials donated. Most of the SBPC members are very young and have lost all even their toy horses, etc. Please contact my if there is anything you would like to do. I will gladly collect anything and get the items to appropriate people. Thank you to everyone in advance as I know Pony Club and everyone connected is a huge and caring family! Thanks again! Cindy Hainline 319-361-9007

----- Original Message -----
From: Bridget Bryson

Good morning! Thank you for caring and wanting to help - these families are totally devastated and anything we can do ... Lori and family have been 'lucky' and have a friend who buys and fixes up houses to sell, so they have one to move into, but of course it is totally unfurnished. Becky and family are in a hotel. I don't have the adult's sizes, but obviously anything like gift cards would help! Breanna is 12 and wears a 14-16 youth. She has a size 9 foot. Ashley is 11 and wears a 10-12 youth. She has size 7 1/2-8 foot Liz is 9 and wears a 10-12 youth. I think that she is around a size 3 foot (tiny little person!) Michael is 7 and wears 8-10 youth. Around a size 5 foot. Nicholas is 5 and wears 4-6.

Any thoughts or ideas you have, please let me know! We also have 5 horses rescued, 4 at my house and 1 at Lindsey's (Lesley's sister in Hudson). 2 are badly injured and we need cotton, gauze etc etc. 3 are ponies and we are doing what we can with halters and lead ropes,but theirs are all gone. The two horses do have their halters on.

If you have items to donate, please contact the telephone number listed in the email.

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