Thursday, May 08, 2008

I Got Candy Galore ...

You knew I was going to post about WF today didn't you? Admit it. You were suspicious. It's OK, I've declared this official West Farthing Week. Let the joyous news be spread! I would much rather live in a WF bubble than anguish over the Democratic race for presidential nomination, the horrid cyclone in Myanmar, or my complete lack of interest in organizing myself personally. Horse trailer organized? Oh Hell yeah. Because that's what I do. I organize my horse trailer.

West Farthing and I are now entering BFF status. I called his name when I went to the barn last night and he stuck his head over the door with his ears perked and gave me a deep nicker. I think he has figured out that I am for sure going to come scritch his ears and feed him goodies at least once each day. Sometimes more if time allows. Because why? Because I'm a barn bitch, that's why.

Riding him continues to be a fun experience. It was only the 4th time I've sat on him, and the 3rd since he's been here. He is a very polite, kind horse and it's obvious he's waiting for me to ask him the way he knows to be asked. Being that I am Robby: Amateur Man, I am not sure I'll ever be able to do that, but I think he's beginning to adapt and knows that all I want him to do is put his head down and work long and low on a soft contact.

I went on a little shopping spree yesterday morning and bought him some new stuff, including a loose-ring Happy Mouth french-link bit. Hopefully that will make him a happy boy.

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