Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Emerald Boa

I dreamed about the snakes on Sunday night. It's been awhile since I have done that, though each time I do I am humbled and forced to accept I will likely always have this recurring nightmare. Years ago I recognized its genesis - a childhood trauma that involved an encounter with a very large (harmless) king snake and my father jumping over a fence and racing, panicked, to save us. In the dream a snake appears, and I begin to run away from it, usually to turn and see another at my feet, until suddenly I am surrounded by snakes and I can only cry and seek help from my father. As I was home on Sunday, and outside quite a bit, it doesn't surprise me that I had the dream again. The snake this time was an emerald boa that was sliding through the grass so I didn't see it until it raised its head to strike. I ran to the roof of the house and from the overhanging oak tree branches (a tree that has since been removed, though my sister and I commented on the branches of another live oak tree in the front yard that has created a canopy since we were kids) another green snake dropped down, and there were other green lizards and reptiles on the roof, some of which were clinging to me and one, specifically, that was trying to eat my finger.

MSJ is petrified of harmless green lizards. Mostly because I terrorized her with them when we were tiny. One tried to visit her front porch when we were chilling on Sunday, which is probably the basis for the dream. Not to worry, however, my 12 year-old niece wants to play fast-pitch softball and as we were practicing in the front yard, she zinged me right on the ankle thus avenging the Easter Sunday Softball Incident involving her younger sister and restoring balance to the family.

What I find most interesting, however, is that I took some photos of my scooter - an emerald green color - beneath the trees as I really hope to sell it. And for some reason I think this is all connected.

Emerald green + tree x (going home + lizard encounter) = nightmare with snakes.

I mean, it makes sense, right?

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Jane said...

My brother once brought home a baby black snake which he planned to keep in a jar, or a bucket, or whatever a 13 year old boy keeps treasures such as this.

That night my mother dreamed it was chasing her through the backyard until it caught her by the heel.

The snake was removed from the premises and set free the next morning.