Monday, May 19, 2008

Dental Implant: II

So on Friday morning my homeboy Derelicte collected me at mi casa at 6:15 a.m. for my 6:45 a.m. dental implant surgery. We were hanging out in the waiting room, laughing, watching CNN when FLUMP, out go the lights. The generator back up kicked in but, I'm sorry, where surgery is concerned I feel strongly about there being a viable, hard-wired power supply. I don't want you all up in my mouth with your little battery backup like it's post-hurricane or solar powered low-wattage energy, you hear? So we all hung out a little more then Derelicte and I discussed the awful phenomenon of people having surgery but being fully-conscious under the anaesthesia, even though they're not supposed to be. Awful thought, isn't it? Of course, they didn't knock me all the way to Kingdom Come but gave me heavy sedation. I kept thinking, "OMG, I am awake and do they know that?" but then would think, "It's OK actually, oooh, birds," and eventually asked them "Am I ever going to get knocked completely out?" My doctor said, "No, just heavy sedation." It was a bit anti-climactic but now I have this awesome bitchin' silver bullet implant in my jaw and a mouthful of stitches. Yeehaw!

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Jane said...

Oh good lord. Anchoring to jaw and screw in teeth and gum stitches. I feel faint.