Monday, April 28, 2008


OK, we're back from Rolex. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Three-day eventing is quickly becoming Ultimate Fighting Challenge or, in some regards, the live equivalent of a snuff film. I cannot sit by idly and after bearing witness to a rotational fall wherein I was 100% positive the rider was killed (by nothing short of a miracle she wasn't), I have decided to put my energy into assisting in the solution for eliminating rotational falls in the sport.

The venue in Kentucky is too much fun for me and my peeps (in this pic l-to-r Teresa, Ryanna, myself) to have to get slapped in the face with death. And I know it's the same for 50,000 other spectators. And I know the riders feel the same way. And the horses, too.

Join me in my crusade. More to follow.


Daun said...

I am with you. We need to save the sport. Now.

Holly said...

Robby, it was great to catch up with you yesterday. I agree about some big time changes and I hope we can find a path soon that we can all follow and support. I guess the biggest issue now isn't "do we do something?", but rather, "what do we do?" Whatever it is that we're to do, Eddie and I are fully on-board! I can't watch this go on any longer.