Monday, April 14, 2008

R does R (and R)

One of the things I've recognized about myself, and that I'm really trying to evolve, is my fantastic ability to live in idea mode, and my apparent weakness in taking action on my ideas.

Point in case: my friend Ms. CA Beard (holla!) gave me this really fabulous hummingbird feeder a few years ago. I have had it hanging on my deck but have never put food in it for the lil' zipsters which is probably very cruel but it's just one more thing, you know?

Anyway, my office has this fantastic floor-to-ceiling window where hummingbirds routinely commit suicide by dive bombing, so I've decided to hang the feeder at work, right outside the window. I even went to Home Depot yesterday morning and bought the food, and red fingernail polish to repaint the rubber tip which had faded completely to white. I thought that was a brazilliant little trick.

I remind myself of a hummingbird. Constantly buzzing about and only occasionally coming in for a quick sip. As such, I did absolutely nothing constructive this weekend. I went to the gym, I went to the A-Day game, I hung out with friends, I watched a DVD: but I did none of the projects that I had envisioned and, you know, I'm OK with that. I feel good and that's what matters.

I also did something I've wanted to do for a few years: bought basil, thyme and chive seeds in the $1 bin at Target and have them starting in my window. I'm going to transfer them out the patio as soon as they germinate. I love having fresh herbs and think it's high time I get back on that wagon!

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