Friday, April 04, 2008

Make Me A Supermodel

I am thrilled that Holly won Make Me A Supermodel because she really is beautiful in a very supermodely sort of way. All hail Holly! I did some Googling and cannot even find Colburn, Virginia, on the map. My daddy is from the VA, and I love me some VA, so I was hoping I could connect everyone with Miss Squirrel Gravy's hometown but you'll just have to imagine a place where people have few teeth and sing a lot of bluegrass. Personally, I love places like this even though I have teeth and cannot sing a lick. Or, I guess, I love the idea of these sorts of places. So I'm happy that sister gotz her model won.

This also marks another free hour in my life. For 12 weeks I have committed to watch from 9-10 and y'all know I turn into a pumpkin at 9 so it was real work for me. Thankfully there's coffee. Which I'm drinking right now. What? What? I didn't think so.


Holly said...

Are you sure she isn't from Coeburn, VA? It's a little town in the mountains, just north of where I'm originally from in Bristol/Abingdon, VA. "Miss Squirrel Gravy" seems to indicate to me that she is probably from this portion of VA. Nobody in NOVA would admit to the presence of squirrels, nor of anything as mundane as "gravy." :)

Robby Johnson said...

I think you're right, as usual. The devil's in the details Miss Holly! Are you coming to KY?

Holly said...

I will be in Lexington the 24th-27th for Rolex and other assorted entertainment activities. I haven't decided how much I'll be over at KHP, but I'm sure that no matter how I try, I can't stay away too long. I'll be in town regardless of whether I'm at the event. Call me and we'll try to get together!