Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lottery Ticket

So if I win tonight's drawing of the Gazillionaire lottery - tickets purchased in Kentucky last weekend, thankyouverymuch - I will feel compelled to buy a horse farm in Lexington. Versailles, probably. And on this farm I shall have a pilates studio. And it shall be called Roblates, because you'll never be good enough, and while I might quash the silent torture in my head with an occasional Xanax and vodka-tonic, at least everyone's bum will be jacked up up on their back. And that's a good thing, right?

Plus, we'll have really cute ponies and grow organic mushrooms from the used straw bedding and I shall establish a charity for people who need things because, really, I'm already pretty damned blessed. I have health, friends, and family. What else do I need? (Besides the obvious Gazillions, right?)

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meandering way said...

Ya know, I can have the crappiest day ever and read a Robby-bit like this one and just smile away...