Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kentucky Creeping Up

A week from today I'll be making last minute packing decisions then carting my arse to the aeropuerto to head up to Lexington, Kentucky for The Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event. It is quite honestly my most favorite annual mecca and I find it hard to believe that this will be my 10th year attending.

Eventing has suffered some additional negative press in the past month, since the unfortunate outcome at Red Hills in Tallahassee which left two advanced horses dead from pulmonary hemorrhages and my friend Darren Chiacchia fighting for his life after a rotational fall on his stallion Baron Verdi.

It is a sport of great risk, and our equine partners are such amazing, respected, cared-for athletes that it is sometimes counter-intuitive to think we ask them to gallop at speed over fixed obstacles. But that is the name of the game and it's what makes the victory sweeter and gives us the verve to survive the turmoil.

Please keep Darren in your thoughts and if you're so inclined, donate to his emergency fund. He has a very long road ahead of him and will need much assistance.

My favorite thing about visiting Kentucky - besides Kentucky and that incapable-of-description seeped-in-Bluegrass feeling that one gets when they visit - is the camaraderie and seeing my friends who flock from all over the country and world to spectate. It will be rife with bourbon and filled with unbridled love and affection. It feeds my soul all year and I am high on endorphins just thinking about it.

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